Monday, August 29, 2011

Unseen DemonicCunt Knife Promo Video

First things first Holly sent this video to me about 2 years ago so don't go all saying I hacked her shit cause I have never done so ever.
No reason for me to do that anyways I have so much to do then be on the computer 24/7.

 I'm going to say this here and now I've always supported Holly and would never try to ruin her image, the ex-photographer says I did but that's just cause he has it in for me always has and probably always will.
I'm uploading this video cause I was suppose to along time ago and never did, so maybe now that the ex-photographer is in charge of the website and every site/page she had owned he might start up the official website so this is kind of a test sort of.

 Rotting In Pestilence
 --+ HellPreacher


I believe this is Holly's first video she did so...

 --+ Enjoy +--


  1. I enjoyed and not because you told me to.

  2. Unholy Desire To Watch This Video Over And Over Again