Wednesday, March 14, 2012

New Update

Just a few things I think you all should know since I'm always getting behind on things

Set Lists & Downloads

I'll be updating the set lists along with the download links, little by little everything will be up and up to date every week. Downloads are still going to be at Mediafire unless they change things but you can go to the wordpress site for my show downloads (link is under the banner at top). 

This Blog Site

this page will also go through a layout change but that will take a little longer than everything else also there will be some more things being posted than just my set lists. I'll be posting interviews, reviews, some concert events and featured bands just to make it more interesting.
Anyone wanting to help out with interviews and reviews feel free to contact me.

Merciless Models

Merciless Models will no longer be posted on this site but instead will be posted only at the facebook fan page and the new blogspot site.
 just click the logo below. 

I think that should do it for now but if you have questions just ask and remember to tune in EVERY FRIDAY!

Merciless Onslaught
Every Friday 3pm-6pm EST


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