Thursday, December 20, 2012

My 25 Favorites of 2012

It is time to pick out 25 of my favorites from 2012 which was really hard to do this year with so many great bands releasing killer shit. I did leave out a lot of albums that should have been on here but there just isn't enough room to put them in.

Some of these might not be the best but its MY list of favorites not yours so if you get butthurt cause something was not here I say GOOD! go cry about it somewhere else cause I don't give a shit.

Note that I didn't listen to everything that came out this year no one did.

1. Ketzer - "Endzeit Metropolis"

2. Mongrel's Cross - "The Sins of Aquarius"

3. The Darkened Shade - "Eternvs Mos, Nex Ritvs"

4. Weapon - "Embers and Revelations"

5. Backyard Mortuary - "Lure of the Occult"

6. Satanic Bloodspraying - "At the Mercy of Satan"

7. Demoncy - "Enthroned Is The Night"

8. Hail Spirit Noir - "Pneuma"

9. Chthe'ilist - "Amechth'ntaas'm'rriachth"

10. Chapel - "Satan's Rock 'N' Roll"

11. Terrorhammer - "Vintage Black Mass" EP

12. Cultfinder - "Black Thrashing Terror" EP

13. Seges Findere/Purification Kommando/Nocturnal Damnation - "Bloodshed for the Wargods" 3-Way Split

14. Master - "The New Elite"

15. Impurity - "Bonfim Moritvri Mortivis" Compilation

16. Maveth - "Coils of the Black Earth"

17. Black Hammer - "Darker Days Will Come" EP

18. Into Darkness - "Into Darkness" Demo

19. Necrovation - "Nercovation"

20. Bestial Holocaust - "Into the Goat Vulva"

21. Pseudogod - "Deathwomb Catechsis"

22. Blizzard - "Fuck the Universe"

23. Attic - "Attic" EP

24. Hades Archer - "The Curse Over Mankind"

25. Nucleator - "Home Is Where War Is"

Well that is my list for 2012

All these and more 2012 releases will be played on
Friday December 28, 2012
ONLY at Brutal Existence Radio

Rotting In Pestilence
--+ HellPreacher

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